CITADEL Front Office

The CITADEL front office is the efficient complete solution for hotels of all dimensions. Here reservations are carried out, calculations are written, conference rooms administered and extensive statistics are provided. At the touch of a button all important duties comfortably, fast and efficiently are finished. Thanks to the modular construction the  software can be always extended and again adapted. Besides, the hotel software is so conceived that you can just put together the modules to yourselves as you need them. Thus you receive your individual version, perfectly fitted at your special demands.


  • All necessary information about availability and allocation by a mouse click
  • Secure and comfortable planning
  • Clear graphic room plan and helpful category view
  • Building management and owner settlement
  • Extensive functions for controlling, planning and statistics
  • Interfaces to Pay TV, phone, financial accounting and more
  • Comfortable look at the rate of utilisation by traffic light system easy understandable quickly observably
  • Online binding of all important reservation portales
  • Comfortable document archive for the administration of all guest correspondence
  • Storage of company data, e.g., about desirable room, prices or preferences
  • Consideration of residence characteristics and marketing information
  • Many-sided, fl exible price code system of the individual bill organization
  • Optimum price performance ratio thanks to modular construction and individual adaptation