Back Office

The Citadel BACK-OFFICE is a collection of smart additions to the PMS solution Citadel HOTEL. Thanks to its continuous modular program structure, you are given the option, depending on operational requirements, to supplement the Hotel application with useful single features. 


  • Contingent Management 
    The Quota Management manages clear, your event related reservation-  or catalog requests in your occupancy planning

  • Deposit Management  
    In the Deposit Management compile and post your advance payment or prepayment invoices and connect them with the appropriate reservations.

  • Budget Management 
    In the Bugdet Management you administer the budget figures for the revenue areas of the hotel operation. The always on target / actual comparison creates transparency and overview

  • Outlook Module 
    This module integrates the complete e-mail correspondence of the operation in the hotel solution and connects the e-mail traffic with the guest master record. The result is a document archive from any number of e-mail mailboxes, regardless of whether they are requests, confirmations, invoices and payment reminders.

  • Voucher Management  
    With the voucher management, the user can create and manage arbitrary vouchers for its range of products. The module takes control over the current status of issued vouchers, including expiration dates.

  • Debitor Management 
    The management of the entire open items  arbitrary dunning levels   
    • Management of agreed payment terms
    • accounting of the hotel is organized 
    • monthly tax-relevant lists
    • integrated automated dunning process. 

  • Financial Accounting Interface 
    This function enjoys a great popularity there, where it is going to handle a high volume on the revenue / debit side and simultaneously reducing costs for mere accounting at the tax adviser. The Financial Accounting Interface can be connected to the leading tax software applications as for example DATEV or S&S Hotel Accounting.