Company History

In 1986 Olaf Schlingmeier transformed his vision of the optimum hotel software: CITADEL Hotel software. Many years' experience as an adviser and developer for FIDELIO established the base for it.  Since then the hotel software CITADEL is permanently developed along the technical possibilities and the demands of the customers.

In 1994 Olaf Schlingmeier founds the Schlingmeier & Partner KG. In the same year the development of Citadel hotel software begins. Olaf Schlingmeier founds the Schlingmeier & Partner KG. In the same year the development of Citadel hotel software begins. 

In 1995 the first pos software is developed. At that time still on DOS base.the first pos software is developed. 

In 1998 the subsidiary, CITADEL Hotelsoftware GmbH, is founded the subsidiary. 

In 1999 the new graphic room plan with all functions is presented. The customers are exited. Already a year later the first CITADEL pms are sold abroad and installed.

In 2001 the company moves to the actual registered office in Warendorf.

In 2002 the CITADEL on-line interface is finished. With her web reservations can be taken over directly in the reservation system.

In 2003 CITADEL puts the Windows-arGus pos software on the market. The direct binding to the front office system makes it the ideal solution in the catering sector.

In 2004 a flexible program module for the organization of events of all kind is developed.

In 2006 the company introduces for the first time their newest development: the CITADEL spa wellness software for the comfortable management of the wellness area.

In 2008 CITADEL presents a solution for efficient energy management at hotels.

In 2009 the first multi Property versions are installed successfully.

In 2010 CITADEL develops a function for the occupancy-dependent prize code calculation and carried out as one of the first pms-Systems the connection to hotel rating portals.

In 2011 one says: CITADEL goes mobile one. The new module makes the functions of the hotel software from everywhere and any time available. A year later the mobile system is complemented around an On-line Booking system.

In 2012 is an especially successful year for CITADEL. The highlight of the year is a great order: 26 operations with over 4000 rooms all together instal the software products on their systems.

In 2013 CITADEL introduces, very successfully, on the HOGA Nuremberg, a new module for the guest relationship management – the bonus management system.  

In 2014 CITADEL develops the program versions for the Spanish and English market.