Area of Operations

Accommodation, this is a far-reaching definition which goes out the achievements of hotels.

Also youth hostels, educational institutions, rehabilitation clinics, sanatoriums, social facilities and many more are accommodation companies. If it is about the reservation, booking  and account of rooms, beds and additional facilities, similar duties position themselves here like at hotels.

Therefore, CITADEL also acts in the whole Hospitality area successfully for many years and has collected extensive experiences. By the development of smaller and bigger solution packages for the most different duties the flexibility of the hotel software CITADEL appears over and over again.

Therefor we take us time at CITADEL. Time for the best

Citadel - fields of activity:

  • Development, distribution and service of hardware and software
  • Individual development of programs oder (individual programming)
  • Software for Hotel industry, catering trade, academy, youth hostel, pensions and trade
  • 24-hour Service Hotline
  • Individual consultation, planning and programming
  • Installation and optimization of systems